Neurodiverse Student Community: A platform for neurodiverse student connection, friendships, creativity, support, and guidance through shared experiences!

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01 / Discord!
Neurodiverse Student Support Chatrooms

If you're a student, join our Discord group by filling out this form here! No formal diagnosis necessary. Channels will provide a safe space for all students to discuss neurodiversity, socialize, consult support, talk about special or common interests, share learning strategies, and connect! Channels will be facilitated by a moderator.

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02 / Facebook groups & Mentorships!
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Open to all students, educators, and parents:

Join our Facebook group for additional resources, education, mentorships, and support! Feel free to post something fun as well, such as a pet or a song you like!


NeurodiverCity Mentorships: Prospective mentees will be paired with a life coach, psychologist, or neurodiverse high school/college mentor based on their individual needs, requests, and compatibility.

Mentorship consulting will take place over Discord, Facebook Messenger, Text, or Zoom based on mentee and mentor preference.

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Neurodiverse Student Support Community


NeurodiverCity: Neurodiverse Student Community

A platform for neurodiverse student connection, friendships, creativity, support, and guidance through shared experiences!
Throckmorton Neurodiver city

Make friends and consult support with hundreds of other neurodiverse students from across the world!​ Typical age range Grades 5 through grad school; no formal diagnosis necessary.

The Chatroom takes place over Discord. Scroll down for more details.


To sign up, fill out this form!

Mentors can help with school subjects, neurodiversity management strategies, embracing neurodiversity, advocating for diagnosis/in-school accommodations, and provide general guidance for mentees!

We also offer free life coaching, CBT, psychotherapy coaching, and psychologist consultations.


ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Diagnosis, Accommodations, and IEP guides—Featuring Q&A, Advocacy, Infographics, Guides, and Experiences from neurodiverse students and advocates!


Our favorite music, memes, stress relievers, cat photoshops, comics, and more!

Also features artwork and music submissions from neurodiverse students :D


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Neurodiver City was founded by a neurodiverse Bay Area high school student with the vision to eliminate misconceptions, reduce stigma, establish a supportive community of neurodiverse individuals, and embrace neurodiversity.

  • Existing cultural stigma and misconceptions around neurodiversity

  • BIPOC individuals heavily underdiagnosed due to the general lack of awareness and fear of being “labeled” ​

  • Very little representation in different cultures
  • Averseness to the concept of neurodiversity 

  • Lack of accessible student support network for neurodiverse students to connect with 


We seek to foster a safe environment that encourages the amplification of neurodiverse individuals' voices through increased neurodiverse representation and shared experiences in the community.


We strive for neurodiversity to be widely embraced rather than misunderstood through resources that highlight the needs and strengths of neurodiverse learners for educators, parents, and students.


Additionally, we are passionate about helping neurodiverse students be comfortable with advocating for their differences. We provide free resources, mentorships, and support groups for neurodiverse students to wield their strengths, as well as safe spaces for all students to share and connect! 


"Nothing About Us Without Us!"


Creating a supportive community of neurodiversity embracement! 

Neurodiver City = neuro-diver; one who delves deep into their brain; city = community of diverse individuals NeurodiverCity - neurodiversity!

Neurodiverse student connection, advocacy, advice, and brainstorming network through different social media platforms

Building a platform for neurodiverse students to share their creativity and strengths

Eliminating misconceptions about neurodiversity, holding meaningful discussions to de-stigmatize neurodiversity

Encouraging neurodiverse students to advocate for their needs and strengths

Social Media:





NeurodiverCity Leadership, Contributors, and Collaborators:

Serena C.

Serena, a student at Columbia University, is the founder of the NeurodiverCity online neurodiversity initiative that aims to reduce stigma and connect neurodiverse individuals through deeper discussion, support, and representation. Aside from advocacy, Serena has grown up channeling her ADHD into music (her cat, Catbalevsky, is named after the Russian composer Dmitri Kabalevsky) — she has been playing trumpet for 8 years, piano for 10, euphonium for two weeks, and the recorder she just found for about three minutes. She has attended multiple summer music festivals, including Brevard, where she has recently learned the tip of falsetto-screaming to improve high register on trumpet. Big things fascinate her: the art of inflating balloons to big sizes while playing trumpet, the size of uncooked manicotti pasta and even more so its cooked dimensions; her big ability to ignore a big deadline and then kick into big panic and finish in three hours. At any given moment you’ll probably find her running, photoshopping her cat onto old Snoopy comics, making bad puns, or aggressively shuffling her Spotify playlist because she can’t ever decide on what to listen to. She wishes she could run as fast as her thoughts do, but for now, she’ll just have to settle for pushing the 6 skips/hour limit on Spotify to compensate. 

Rohit D.

Rohit Doel

Rohit's bio is coming soon! In the meantime, take a look at his wonderful blogposts about Autism and Mental Health and Sensory Overload! 

Rohit's YouTube Channel


Rohit's Linktree

Arijit B.

Arijit Bhattacharya is an undergraduate Biotechnology student, currently pursuing an Integrated M. Tech in Biotechnology from KIIT University, India. He is a Neuroscience enthusiast and especially loves cognitive neuroscience. Currently, he is a student member of IYNA and also under the mentorship program of IYNA. He is also a student member of International Association of Neuroscience. His favourite hobby is thinking and he loves to think; after completing his M Tech in Biotechnology, he wants to continue his future studies and pursue a PhD in cognitive neuroscience. Arijit is also a big fan and follower of the world-famous neuroscientist, Dr. Oliver Sacks. Aside from his studies, Arijit is also a Sitar player and a disciple of Sitar Maestro Pt Purbayan Chatterjee ji. He was awarded the Global Youth Achivers Kalaratna Award 2020 by MVLA Trust and Special Honorary achivement award by NBBSS. 

Jay S.
Jay - NeurodiverCity.jpg
Allie K.

Jay is a Jewish truck driver. He was diagnosed with Autism at age 29 and has experience with mental health issues in a variety of settings. He has a Bachelors in History from Geneva College and a Masters in Theology. He is passionate about disability justice and is open to mentoring students (high school-college) and young adults.

Allie K..jpg

Allie (she/they) is a Midwest native officially diagnosed as autistic in February 2020. Since then, she's been a strong advocate for neurodiversity, mental health, and social justice. Besides joining the NeurodiverCity team, she posts her own content on YouTube and Instagram as "Autistic Allie," and is also pursuing a Master of Divinity as a hopeful minister-to-be.

Allie's YouTube

Allie's Instagram


Dys & Ability


Dys&Ability IG: @dysandability

Introducing Dys&Ability, whose aim is to bring awareness around learning differences and remove the stigma attached to it in society! 

We're thrilled with Dys&Ability's amazing informative posts and excited about sharing more in the About Neurodiversity page! 



Introducing NeurodiverCity's partnership with Divergify! 


Based in CA, Divergify's mission is to share her family's divergent journey, advocacy, and inspiration while celebrating and learning from other divergent minds, bodies, and experiences. 

Divergify also focuses on providing educational and advocacy resources as well as spotlighting the work & voices of other divergent individuals and organizations! 

We're thrilled with Divergify's amazing advocacy and extremely excited to announce this partnership. More of Divergify's content to be featured on the website soon!

Divergify Blog

Divergify IG Page: @divergify


a supportive community of diverse individuals

one who dives deep into their brain

Welcome to NeurodiverCity! Tap each cat to learn more about (and access resources for) each neurodiverse condition!
What is Neurodiversity- NeurodiverCity
What is neurodiversity?
NeurodiverCity's cats - Autism
About Dyslexia - NeurodiverCity
About Dyspraxia - NeurodiverCity
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Neurodiverse Arcade

Neurodiverse Arcade

Need a break? Play one of our customized arcade games here!

Neurodiversity FAQs - NeurodiverCity
All Neurodiversity Resources - NeurodiverCity
All neurodiversity resources

Neurodiversity Resources
Combatting misconceptions, reducing stigma, highlighting strengths + tips for neurodivergent students!
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Fact Sheets and Guides

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Autism Links:

Other Neurodiverse Conditions

Tips and Advocacy
Neurodevelopmental Conditions
Cerebral Palsy (written by Birth Injury Justice Center)
Learning Differences/Disabilities
Visual Processing Disorder
Auditory Processing Disorder

Neurodiversity Corner

music, videos, memes, games, and more!

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sites for free serotonin — generate cats and music!!! <3 — cats, bongos, marimbas, and meows 

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