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by Serena Chen

Meet my cat! Her name is Catbalevsky, but my friends call her Kitty, and I call her Dog. fun fact: she loves recorders and the opening clarinet solo in Rhapsody in Blue.
Gershwin YAAAAWN
harp !

Cat Comic Photoshops!


Snoopy comic, ft. my sister's cat, Twombly

*note: the original comics/memes are not mine. but the cat is! 😺



my favorite type of physical activity
the dishwasher, wishwasher, and wooshwasher. 
she is sitting on the (dot)com 🤯🤯🤯
mount fuji.
lemme touch ur hair

harp ?


stats with cats

variations on a theme of AP Problem C
All these cats volunteer to come to my house at some point so they can be fed. But, I am at cat pacity. To combat this, I will sort the cats into blocks of two and have each block come oNly during their allotted hours. I will also offer two different types of food during these specific hours to determine what the majority prefers.
First Variable of Consideration: Appearance, regardless of coloring/breed
Simple Random Sampling to sort these cats into blocks: generate two numbers for each block.
  • The cat who receives the smaller number in each block will receive canned Friskies.

  • The cat who receives the larger number in each block will receive canned Fancy Feast.

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