Our Mentorship Program

Meet our team of Mentors, Psychologists, and Life Coaches!

*note: not all peer mentors/coaches are listed below; CBT, psychotherapy, peer mentor health and adult neurodiverse mentors are also available!

Neurodiverse Peer Mentors

Serena C.

Mentors can help with school subjects, neurodiversity management strategies, embracing neurodiversity, advocating for diagnosis/in-school accommodations, and provide general guidance for mentees!

(and her cat, Catbalevsky)


Mentors neurodiverse elementary, middle school, and high school students 

Available for On-demand texting mentorship and weekly check-in Zoom mentorships

Hey there, I'm Serena; I'm diagnosed with ADHD, I like photoshopping my cat onto comics, and I'm the founder of NeurodiverCity! When you sign up for a Zoom life coaching or consultation session, I'll be there to facilitate the first meetings and introduce you to your mentor. I'll also check in periodically with the two of you to make sure everything is going well :) If you're a neurodiverse or suspected-neurodiverse student, you can also sign up for texting mentorships with me and I'll try my best to answer your questions! The cat is included in the mentorship too :D

Richie Z. 


Hi!! My name is Richie (he/him), and I've been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and Dyslexia :) I'm seventeen, and a Junior in High School. I am considered a late-diagnosis as I was diagnosed with Autism at 13, ADHD at 12, and Dyslexia at 14, so I totally understand the frustrations with not being diagnosed yet. I plan to go into Psychology, but I'm not sure whether I want to be a psychiatrist or a research psychologist yet! I'm very passionate about neurodivergence acceptance, and want to encourage the journey to embracing ourselves as much as I can. I'm also a transgender gay male, and I'm very interested in the interconnection between Autism and gender identity :) 

Mentors: Middle schoolers and High schoolers

Available for texting mentorships and live Zoom calls

Can help with: ADHD, Autism, English, Math, Art, Organization, Acceptance, and General Wellbeing

Meet The Team



Mentors: Middle schoolers and High schoolers

Available for texting mentorships and live Zoom calls

Howdy! My name's Aneirin, but you can call me Rin for short. I'm Autistic and I have ADHD, as well as being part of the LGBTQ+ community! I'm 17, my pronouns are they/them (but he/him is fine by me!) and I have wanted to be an advocate for Disabilities for a long time. I hope to bring self-acceptance, realisation and de-stigmatising for everyone who is coming to find themselves, who have found themselves for a while but couldn't accept it, and generally bringing guidance to anyone who needs it.


I'm from Wales, UK, and I can communicate in both English and Welsh if needed! I know about the life experiences of those in High School and under best, so those individuals may find it more suitable to chat with me. Thanks for reading!

Experience working with ADHD, Autism, DID, PTSD, cPTSD, & BPD

Can help with: General guidance, school support, symptom management, self-acceptance, confidence issues, anxieties, and symptom explanations

Lily M.

Mentors: Middle schoolers and High schoolers

Available for texting mentorships and live Zoom calls

Hi! I’m Lily and was diagnosed in 1st grade as “twice exceptional” with severe dyslexia and dyscalculia (the math version) and a high IQ. I jumped around to four different elementary schools, and even my dyslexia tutor said I was too dyslexic for her to help me! I finally ended up at a school just for kids with learning differences and that made a huge difference. They actually knew how to teach me and this really improved my self-confidence. Also I discovered running in 6th grade which I loved and was pretty good at so that also helped how I felt about myself. Now I’m a high school junior, doing great in school, am on the varsity cross country and track teams since freshmen year! 


I’m excited to help others via text in elementary and middle school with the many challenges, educationally and socially, that come with a learning difference. Hope to chat with you soon!

Can help with: General guidance, school support, self-acceptance, and confidence issues

Jasmine L.

Can help with: OCD, mental health, autism, all school subjects, general guidance

Neurodiverse Peer Mentor

Mentors neurodiverse middle and high schoolers

Available for On-demand texting mentorship and weekly check-in Zoom mentorships

emi p.

Can help with: General guidance/support, math, science, social studies, autism, ADHD

Neurodiverse Peer Mentor

Mentors neurodiverse middle schoolers

Available for On-demand texting mentorship and weekly check-in Zoom mentorships

Francis p.

Can help with: ADHD, autism, history, social studies

Neurodiverse Peer Mentor and Tutor

Mentors neurodiverse high schoolers

Available for On-demand texting mentorship 

Lyn n.

Can help with: All school subjects, embracing neurodiversity, mental health, general guidance

Mental Health Peer Mentor and Tutor

Mentors neurodiverse high schoolers

Available for On-demand texting mentorship and weekly check-in Zoom mentorships


Neurodiverse Adult Mentors


Adult Neurodiverse Mentor


Hello, I'm Catherine. I was diagnosed with Autism in April 2022 at 36 years old. I have 2.5 years of experience working as a Training & Development Lead of Social Justice / Assistant Psychologist & Case Manage. I used my expertise, skills, and knowledge of Neurodiverse Conditions, the Clean Language coaching modality as well as psychological models such as The Triune Brain and Karpman’s Triangle to coach clients to increase their capacity in cognitive development areas such as time management and memory, that pertain to workplace activity. I have long term special interests in Psychology, Health & Wellbeing, and Self Improvement. I am able to provide career guidance, support with navigating the world of reasonable adjustments and Equality, Diversity, & Inclusion in the Workplace, as well as mentoring on Physical & Emotional Wellbeing, Healthy Lifestyle, Dietary Advice, and support and advice for Addiction / Dependencies. 

Sophie L.

Adult Neurodiverse Mentor

pic of me .jpg

Hello, I'm Sophie. I am a proud late-diagnosed autistic. I was diagnosed with ASD at 28 years old, after spending most of my life wondering how to navigate the neurotypical world. I am a trained English teacher and reading specialist, where I help inspire the next generation of neurodiverse students. I have a special interest in Psychology, and will be pursuing a Masters degree in Experimental Psychology this year. I can help with general guidance and support for autistic adults and high schoolers, including: how to embrace your autistic identity and advice for getting a formal ASD diagnosis. I can also provide subject-specific help for middle school students in the fields of English and Psychology. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-15 at 1.11.56 PM.png

Adult Neurodiverse Coach

Can help with: General coaching (client-led) with a strength-based focus (positive psychology, etc.), and executive function skills.

Experience: works for UK agency, coaching ND people in work & social projects

Coaches neurodiverse high school students, college students, and adults

Available for live Zoom Coaching **Paid, but fee decided mutually with client**

Passionate about leveraging neurodiverse individuals' unlimited possibilities!


Adult Neurodiverse Mentor

Lindsey F..jpg

Hi there! I’m Lindsey and I was diagnosed with autism in 2020 at the age of 37. Although shocked to begin with, the diagnosis has allowed me to accept myself for who I am and let go of many memories that have confused me for years because I didn’t understand them; now I do!

Now I know my true identity, I want to embrace everything being autistic means for me and use it to help others on the spectrum to understand themselves, appreciate who they are and know that being autistic is pretty awesome! My career is in human resources and an area I am very passionate about is autism equality and inclusion in the workplace; it would be a privilege to assist college students and adults looking for assistance in this area, as well as general guidance on other aspects that being autistic means for us. I live in the UK so apologies if there’s a time difference!

Adult Neurodiverse Mentor

Can help with: ADHD, English, Art, Wellbeing, Executive Functioning, Organization

Experience: Runs ADHD networking hub with workshops, advocacy, & mentorships

Mentors neurodiverse high school students, college students, and adults

Available for On-demand texting mentorship and live Zoom mentorships

Passionate about amplifying the voices of the neurodivergent community and empowering individuals to thrive in their personal, professional and academic lives


Psychologists and Life Coaches

Anushka Mona Mittal

Certified Life Coach

Anushka Mona Mittal.jpg

I am an empathetic, welcoming, sensitive, resilient, and patient person who wishes to create a safe space for people with mental health issues.


I am a trained Professionally Certified Life Coach from the International Coaching Federation. I am a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner. Currently, I am pursuing my master's in clinical psychology from Christ University, Gaziabad. I have battled depression and anxiety myself and looking back at how I was treated, I aim to provide people with a better environment.


For Life Coaching, I prefer Zoom and I am comfortable with all age groups. 

Radhika Goyal

Psychologist/Health Psychologist
Radhika Goyal.jpg

Radhika Goyal, psychologist, holds a MsC in Health Psychology from Northumbria University and a BsC in Home Science from the University of New Delhi. She is a volunteer research assistant at Harvard University for Dr. Langer's lab, a counselor for an online platform for psychological services (Calmnme), a Psychologist in the COVID-19 Task Force at the Indian Academy of Health Psychology, and a counselor at the Kochhar Psychiatric Center. Among some of her certificates include Mental Health Effects from the COVID-19 Pandemic (Harvard University), Social and Emotional Learning Support for Adolescent Learners (Griffith University), Developmental Psychology (Monash University), and Early Childhood and Development (University of Delhi). Radhika is also a teacher and mentor for undergraduate psychology students at Psychogenic Modeling.

Services: Consultations (Zoom, text, call, website)



Educational Coaching


Q: If I signed up for the texting mentorship, am I allowed to text my mentor whenever, or is there a specified time when we both talk?

A: You are allowed to text your mentor whenever, and they will respond to the best of their ability ASAP! 

Q: What's the difference between a peer mentorship and life coaching/psychologist mentoring?

A: (courtesy of Jasmine Lunia, peer mentor) A student mentorship differs from an adult mentor in that the mentor has experienced a lot of the same struggles quite recently and can better sympathize, provide support, and our own advice!

Q: I'm not formally diagnosed with a neurodiverse condition. Am I still eligible for this program?

A: Yes! We welcome all students with self-suspected or formally diagnosed neurodiverse conditions and mental health conditions! 

Q: How often will live sessions be?

A: According to your needs and your schedule! We can offer sessions once weekly, once every two weeks, or once every month. Our team is flexible and we'll always try our best to adapt to your needs. :)