Adapting to Change

Wassup people! Sorry I have been gone for a while. Ive been posting Tiktoks, Youtube Videos and whatnot, so its taking a while for me to get back to posting blog posts like this. Recently I found out im going to be living in a new flat, an independent one and I am very excited but also very nervous because idk how many bills im going to pay, if the flat will be decorated, where will I get my bed and be able to sleep? and this things are what is called adapting to change and something many autistics struggle with because change, is the unknown, along with it, is worry, uncertainty, the unpredictability of what will happen next and it makes me very nervous. For us, we love everything in a routine manner but when we cannot have that, panic sets in and anxiety, sets in too. Usually, I play my PS4, or the piano to get over the anxiety, and the stress. But this is a big thing, so last resort you say?

STIM, stim for the win, and youll be okay!


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