Sensory Overload!

Updated: Jan 22

Hey! Sensory Overload for us neurodivergents can be a good thing for us but also can be troublesome in the fact that it can cause us stress with a lot of emotions that we go through too! Here are some takes on my experiences with SO and what it mainly is, how it affects Aspies as a whole:

so first of all What is Sensory Overload you may Ask? To put it simply, its a range of emotions that people go through when they are stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed with so many things happening all at one time, someone who is Autistic or who has other conditions like PTSD Or tourettes or any other disability leading to Sensory Overload can have the following symptoms include:

Extreme Loud noises

Flashing lights

people talking at the same time

feeling irritated

Stress, anxiety buildup

sensitivity to texture, clothing, name tags Turtle Neck shirts and clothes tags

How can you help someone with Sensory processing/Overload

  1. Ask them how they are feeling, take them out of a noisy or flashy environment if needed

  2. . Ask them why they get Sensory Overload, to open up and talk about their feelings, it will help you understand them better and show that someone cares

  3. Some or most SO people are hypersensitive, so try and not invade their personal space, if they want a hug or comfort however, ask them or if they say its okay then do it. but only with permission otherwise do not invade personal space.

  4. some people may be passive/aggressive, physically and verbally, but it does not mean they hate you, its just that they are trying to control the thousand things going on in their mind right now and to process what is happening, so try and not take this to heart

  5. people with Sensory overload usually if they are wearing a jacket, put their hood up to reduce stimulation and have that sense of comfort.

  6. Listen to what they are saying, and understand them, do not speak over them or it will escalate things

  7. occupational therapy can help but i think on a personal level, as someone with sensory issues and Autism that we need to normalize talking through things, and being overwhelmed with emotions and things going on in our heads because sometimes things can get too much hence this happens, peace togetherness and compassion is what it should be!