What does having an Autistic Shutdown mean?

Updated: Jan 22

Today’s blog post will be talking about what an Autistic Shutdown is, my Lil experiences..

Hope you can relate, I may give you some tips on how to look after yourselves whilst shutting down from the world, and tips to parents, teachers, and careers too!

So, first of all, What is an Autistic Shutdown?

An Autistic shutdown is a mode of two emotions. So one day we may be happy, but on other days, we may completely stop. There could be plenty of reasons why we do this, sometimes it just happens without us knowing. For example, I had an Autistic Shutdown 2 days ago, For no reason whatsoever, like, I was pretty happy during that day, but for some reason, I got so emotional, it was in the afternoon/late evening, but then about a few hours later, I got emotional in a happy way because Taylor Swift released her sister album Evermore and I was so excited that I cried full of emotion and happiness because it was so freaking good and I could relate to so many things… Ah, adore her so much. Anyways lol, back to the point, I didn’t know why I reacted emotionally those few hours before the album dropped, it just happened, and that’s why I ask for people to understand and always support us even when we are down for no reason at all. Mental Health is very important and we should always show kindness everywhere, what matter the time, place, year, month, day. Be kind to everyone! Too much hate and division these days. Be nice and be humble always!

So, some experiences of my own times that I have shutdown from the world is:

Once, as I said earlier shutting down for no reason at all

Another being, having a stressful encounter in a social situation where I met someone, at a disability event who said I did not look disabled because “I don’t look it” which particularly upset me. Autism is still a disability regardless.

Self-doubting myself

Having bad thoughts because the view on Autistics makes me feel I’m not worthy

People thinking my experiences are not valid, because of the “I am not Autistic BS” that I get a lot.

Executive Dysfunction issues

Masking, because trust me I have had to do a lot of that.

And a whole load of other problems, mainly people not accepting I am Autistic so hence the shutdown.

A lot of other things too.

Here are some ways to Cope, or to somewhat handle an Autistic Shutdown! This could be for you, a family friend, who is autistic, or mainly help for teachers!

Rest – When someone who is Autistic has had a bad day or is feeling stressed or upset for any unknown reason, Let them rest, and give time to themselves. A stressful day can take its toll on someone whos Autistic, take it from me who had plenty! We need time to relax and recuperate after a long day!

Recovery – After a rest, we need to recover, getting over a shutdown, is not easy, we can get very upset and very irritated if pushed, so give us time to not just rest but recover well.

Stressful social a