Why do we Mask??

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Good day my fellow Aspiens, today on Rohits Ted Talk we will be talking about Masking..

So Masking to put it briefly, is known to the Autistic community as to hide our traits, our real authentic self from the real world to be able to fit in with other "normal" people. We Mask because whenever we personally try and show our personalities, stimming and whatnot we get perceived as weird, and get bullied online for it in the ultimatum of it all hence we Mask

We do it to hide away, to make sure we never get shunned from the real world, which should never be the case but because of Society not liking Autistics, till and accepting us we tend to do it frequently, hence why I do not tell anyone sometimes if i mask or not because of the fear of coming out, this is when I was younger btw. I am okay with it now, but sometimes on the rare occasion I still mask.

Tone of voice, Actions, words Mindset, how your perceived all plays in the role of Masking yourself from others.

Its like a three way maze, when your trapped inside a maze, never ending, like you do not know where to go for help, where to turn for support, and it can be mentally exhausting, its like "The Crystal Maze" which is on Channel 4 in the UK, i recommend, you watch it. You can access clips on Youtube.

Like when you want to be with family and friends, we unmask after getting to know someone it can take weeks, for this to happen, for me personally, it takes me at least 2-5 months for me to unmask, and then mention about Autism, but I dont speak about it that much in the fear of being shunned again. But even when we do, we have to ask because people have a problem with it. With stimming and meltdowns, we need to NORMALIZE these behaviours, its normal to do it.

So for us Aspies, it either one way or no way, people are difficult, and are fussy, and want us to be perfect, why be perfect then be your real self, i want to be authentic and not a faker, not someone im not.

"Be Bold, Unique, and do not doubt people, be Authentic always and forever"


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