wrong type of grounding

Updated: Jan 22

recently, i saw this meme:

in my free time, i am on the floor. not like i really even want to, though — my carpet is like the most uncomfortable thing ever — yet here i am now, in my not-so-free time, sharing this blogpost while procrastinating on my gov homework reading; on the floor. even my cat is sitting in a chair above me.

i also used to be grounded a lot by my parents, for the same reason that I’m so inclined to simply be on the ground — adhd 😌😌😌 ! i appreciate the efforts, but wrong type of grounding <3

it’s okay though, because i have the floor. it’s kind of uncomfortable, but i derive a sense of satisfaction from it, similar to when i finally i finish sending an email (although sometimes, i will get on the floor to avoid sending emails 😳)

but, the floor will always be there f(l)oor me. unlike emails.


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