Sharing Neurodiverse Creativity + Interests

Welcome to our Neurodiverse Creativity Showcase! This page serves as a place for neurodiverse individuals to showcase their creativity and highlight the strengths of neurodiversity, as well as encourage reflection upon personal experiences with neurodiversity!

You can share anything — a project, any artwork, music, a piece you composed, a poem, random musings that highlight the best of your thinking!

Featured Artwork of the Week!

14-year old artist Rianna (@ohshirii on IG), who drew this incredible fanart of Dipper Pines, is our Artist of the Week!

You can find this piece along with a preview of her IG art account on the Neurodiverse Art Gallery page! 

Dipper Pines - Rianna.jpg

By Rianna
Credit: @ohshirii 

Check out Rianna's IG Page to see more of her amazing art and learn more about her! :)